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Massive Attack…its coming soon to a theater near you…

1 day away from Massive Attack at the Greek.

Robert Del Naja and Grand Marshall…could be epic if they play all my oldie favorites, including Unfinished Sympathy and Teardrop! Dragging better half, who has never heard of the band, nor the songs on the radio. They were big in london ….so maybe never made it prime time in US?


Music Video – “Teardrop” by Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner Video

While not as solid a performance as Massive Attack‘s 1998 version, this cover by Newton Faulkner is quite amazing. The thumping on the side of the guitar by Newton has a nice hollow echo sound, supporting the acoustics. I highly recommend the album, Hand Built by Robots, where this song appeared.

This song is probably a bit over-played (House’s finale, an episode of Prison Break and Cold Case, and of course the soundtrack in the TV ad for the video game title “Assassins Creed“).