Biking at the Office

Sitting for long stretches while dreaming of getting out for a mid day run, bike or swim, this product (Cubii) caught my attention.

As an avid triathlete and never having enough time in the day to exercise, this made me laugh….just sit at one’s desk, pound away emails and cycle!

Home, mortgage and tools for the consumer

Personally interested in the debt markets, long term funding, rates and the ability to make a return on real estate, some interesting articles and sites that I recently came across:

NYT article on how consumers are using data for research on how/where to buy a home.

MarketWatch article showcasing whether its better to buy a new home or existing home stock.

Resource to look up social aspect of neighborhoods (income, demographics, etc).

Bloomberg article on how much to spend as a % of income.


The Civil War – recommended books to read

lincolnCatching up on a few period pieces on the Civil War. With the anniversary and ceremony at Gettysberg, a few books i would recommend. “The Civil War” by Bruce Catton,Gettysburg: Voices from the Front” by Robert Child and “Lincoln” by David Herbert Donald. Read these three, covering the gamut and providing a POV on the soldiers, the front and the political leadership from the day.

Understanding the past and how our country was formed…a fascinating topic.

64th Primetime Emmy Awards – Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media

I was fortunate enough to attend the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Interactive Media Peer Group event last eve on Lankershim (across the street from Disney Interactive).  I served as a “blue ribbon” judge, sitting next to Mark Cuban and a host of digital folk from MediaLink, Buzz Media  Crackle, Yahoo connected TV leads, etc.

The event kicked off with two categories from the Academy for our review:

(a) Enhancement to a Television Program or Series

Bravo’s Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen • Bravo Media and Magical Elves

NBC Universal
Bravo Media
Magical Elves

Game Of Thrones Season Two – Enhanced Digital Experience
HBO • HBO Entertainment


The Team Coco Sync App
TBS • Team Coco Digital in association with Conaco LLC & Turner Broadcasting System

John Wooden, Producer
Aaron Bleyaert, Producer
Conan O’Brien, Producer
Timothy Campbell, Producer

(b) Original Interactive Television Programming

Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media
Original Interactive Television Programming

Dirty Work • Fourth Wall Studios

Fourth Wall Studios
Rides TV

Psych HashTag Killer
USA • USA Network in association with Universal Cable Productions & Social Samba

USA Network
Universal Cable Productions
Social Samba

What’s Trending With Shira Lazar • Disrupt/Group

Damon Berger, Executive Producer
Shira Lazar, Executive Producer

The Govenors, Geoff Katz and Lori H. Schwartz were joined on stage with Theo Von, the host of “Primetime in No Time” on Yahoo! The auditorium was filled with an energized crowd, sitting next to the 10 foot tall illuminated Emmy “awards”(aka a winged woman, holding an atom).

The judging was followed by a reception and mingling with drinks and dim sum served up under a warm, starless valley eve.  Theo was a great choice to host the event, sparking a few off kilter jokes, but then finding his groove and settling in with the appropriate mixture of irreverence and decorum for the  crowd in attendance.

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A country at war…

I just finished “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen. With our societies cultural fascination of SEALs, figured I would pick up the latest shoot ’em thriller at the airport this week while flying back to LA from Rochester. It read quick and I was done by the time wheels were down on the west coast.

No Easy Day

Not sure the hardback illuminated the training and tactics of special forces any more than say “Teamates: SEALs at War” by Barry Enoch, or “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell.  It was explicit and concise in the actual take down of UBL during the mission, but the rest was too vague for my satisfaction.

I actually found “No Easy Day” more of cursory glance at the long arc of our proxy war against Pakistan than insightful commentary into the training and deployment of the SEALs. While it never delved into the geo-political nuances of fighting “wars” on various fronts, it provided insight into a warrior’s motivation and personal sacrifice for that career choice.

I am still a bit confused on why the author broke omerta? Maybe a bone to pick with his former teams, a political statement (but if that was the case, the book was missing any explicit verbal attack of our commander in chief or other political leaders)? Maybe he just had something to get off his chest and wanted to be published.

The bright side..the book did contain some interesting photos of the operator’s kit.

Youth and the power of idea…

Moneyball is a well worn subject…but since I enjoy Michael Lewis, I spare no expense in mentioning his work. I appreciate circling back to this writer and his progeny.  On the topic…an interesting article on innovation and the mavens who were under the age of 30 when starting their companies. The question poised is “does one need to be young to be innovative”.

Rudyard Kipling writings…

I revisited ole Rudy’s writings this weekend. “The Man Who Would Be King” and “rikki tikki tavi” amongst other short stories.  Listening to audio, the british reader created a rich fabric, creating a look into Africa, through the lens of british rule.