Escape from Alcatraz is in two weeks.  A la Twitter, a personal update today… I am heading out for a 1.5 mile swim in San Francisco bay.  As I have an immense fear of sharks, this exercise will help me overcome such wonton fears.  I need to read up on psycho therapy to see what innate, brooding inhibitions or personal demons are manifested in my fear of sharks?!   Probably had too much TV exposure as a kid?

I met with Gary Emich twice last week.  Once at a speaking event at Sports Basement and the other time on the steps of Acquatic Park.  A legend in open water swimming, he has swam the Amazon River, Lake Titicaca, Loch Ness and is setting his sights on crossing the bay to Alcatraz 1,000 times.  He mentioned he does the “Escape” swim 3x a week.  He also told me there are five species of sharks, but there has not been an attack on humans since 1873!

Thus, its time to swim.

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