A country at war…

I just finished “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen. With our societies cultural fascination of SEALs, figured I would pick up the latest shoot ’em thriller at the airport this week while flying back to LA from Rochester. It read quick and I was done by the time wheels were down on the west coast.

No Easy Day

Not sure the hardback illuminated the training and tactics of special forces any more than say “Teamates: SEALs at War” by Barry Enoch, or “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell.  It was explicit and concise in the actual take down of UBL during the mission, but the rest was too vague for my satisfaction.

I actually found “No Easy Day” more of cursory glance at the long arc of our proxy war against Pakistan than insightful commentary into the training and deployment of the SEALs. While it never delved into the geo-political nuances of fighting “wars” on various fronts, it provided insight into a warrior’s motivation and personal sacrifice for that career choice.

I am still a bit confused on why the author broke omerta? Maybe a bone to pick with his former teams, a political statement (but if that was the case, the book was missing any explicit verbal attack of our commander in chief or other political leaders)? Maybe he just had something to get off his chest and wanted to be published.

The bright side..the book did contain some interesting photos of the operator’s kit.

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