Location Based Advertising on the Web

Question for the crowds: Is anyone figuring out how to sell ads online at the location level? Similar to a cell phone, what if my physical laptop provided x/y/z coordinates for GPS positioning and ads could be sold on a geo basis, down to the street level?

Take targeting to a whole new level.

I presume each computer would need a GPS chip implanted in its deck, similar to a cell phone? What if my IP address (which I know is often an unreliable proxy for location) could somehow triangulate with CDNs or other fixed locations to provide an approximate “location” of my laptop? Reverse IP address lookup?

Furthermore…when and how do cell phones and fixed stations (laptops) start “talking to each other”.  I believe the statistic I read suggested 80% of people have their cell phone on their person at all times (or most of the time).  If this is the case, do those GPS coordinates become a proxy for a person’s laptop location? Does interaction during a working day (ie make the assumption that if someone is stationary, they could be at a terminal) then become a highly correlated factor to model? Somehow use the two devices to deliver online ads based on those coordinates?

…..ah the future!

Bring me a starbucks coupon for the store around the corner on 20th and 6th! I would enjoy that …lemme tell ya!

2 responses to “Location Based Advertising on the Web

  1. back to 2001, Bill Gates presented a project codnamed Hailstorm that had a bold intention: to get the Internet working for you. Meaning there would be servers in the cloud keeping your type of devices and respective addresses, # of mobile devices, and single sign-on (at that point I think the name was Passport) for all sites that affiliate and even for corporate VPNs . Information would be always following you. Then Microsoft dropped the project. I wonder who would be retaking it nowadays: Google? Microsoft?

  2. Loopt, Pelago, Google Latitude, and Outside.in come to mind. Have you checked them out?
    This seems like the holy grail in online, er mobile advertising..soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if they will be used interchangeably!

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