Emergency Prep

The 911…

After watching a special on TV about natural disasters, I figured it was due time to construct my own little 72 hour Kit. Thus, after purchasing batteries, candles, cans of food, water for a week, trashbags, bleach (for drinking water) water proof matches, first aid kit, transistor radio, dust mask, gum, etc etc…I feel better!  What about night vision goggles? There has to be some technology I can throw into the bag to make this interesting? What about a GPS system? A portable computer with a hand crank?

Here is my problem with all this prep: if I am required to open a can of tomato soup with my newly purchased can opener, I am still going to be lacking in heat (presumably) in which to cook that little can of goodness. Otherwise, I will have walked down the street to the local bakery or restaurant! Sorry, cheeky comment.
Thus, now do I go buy a portable stove. Which then begs the question..if I am cooking food on a stove, this assumes a very bad situation…one that if things were so bad that I was eating canned goods in my house for an extended period of time (ie a portable stove), I presumably would be on the road, or leaving the city for “higher ground” (safer situation). But, I guess that is the beauty of preparation for the worst case..you cant really imagine the situation or context, but if you have a few provisions stored away, it may come in handy?


One response to “Emergency Prep

  1. well gum is always a good bet, emergency or not.

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