2008 Market Returns (or lack thereof)!

What a year for the indexes!

Lets hope 2009 is a bit more “green” for the market returns and the plus/minus columns.  After reading the various market columnists on Stockhouse and Minyanville (two of my favorite financial opinion websites), I am expecting gold futures, miners (hard commodities), mid tier oil companies and the like to have a bullish 2009.

Otherwise, I am bearish on the S&P making much headway with the upcoming consumer credit card meltdown and personal savings rate further deteoriating as jobs and industry continue to retract. Short the whole treasury curve along with exposure to the US dollar (with inflation or deflation on the way).

But like always, a positive frame of mind will help weather the storm. As Pete Carroll (USC coach) said the other night when chatting with a group of local kids: “everyone has a little power within; s/he just needs to figure out how to let it out”!

In 2009…let it all out!


2 responses to “2008 Market Returns (or lack thereof)!

  1. Way too may red numbers in the image! Thanks for the post.

  2. no plug for MW? Come on!
    Plus, did you see Callaway’s “Let the Dying Begin” column?
    Or some of the Farrell doomsday?
    Come on, dude! Share the love….

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