Happy Holidays

Hope everyone is well and rounds out the year with a smile on their face. 2008 was challenging on so many fronts (financial meltdown, economic model in question, world peace at risk on many fronts, etc)..sometimes felt like the US was sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill.


But also in 2008, I was reminded of peace and hope for a better 2009. In the US, we had a peaceful transition of government, an increased awareness of environmental problems, technical breakthroughs in bio-tech and digital media, and we increased our efforts for continued space exploration.

2009 will be challenging (to say the least – debt, govt spending, two wars, a floundering economy, unsustainable bailouts, greed and massive corruption on Wall Street), but will also bring many splendid things! That I am sure. So stay positive!

It always works out.

Happy holidays.

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