Surfing the web….30k feet up

I know it was inevitable…but there were two places that offered solace from the constant barrage of cell phones and keyboard clatter – a cross country flight and the movie theater. Cross country flights enabled deep thinking, reflection and thoughtful musings due to the lack of connectivity.

Virgin America

Virgin America

Air travel and web connectivity would happen sooner or later…no shocker. Airlines were bound to relax their rules on cellphone usage while increasing their internet capabilities. The old adage that one couldnt use a cellphone while flying because it interfered with navigation and the equipment on-boad was total rubbish. It actually affected the mobile towers and users on the ground.

“Virgin America invited celebrities and tech bloggers on a free flight to the YouTube concert to promote the beta launch of the Gogo WiFi Inflight internet service, scheduled to launch fleet-wide during the Q2 2009. The service will offer a 3.6 Mbps downstream connection and 1.8 Mbps up, charging $10 for flights under 3 hours and $13 for longer flights.”

So now, flying across the country will include Skype, IM and potentially other voice enabled services…clogging the in-tube airwaves with a cacophony of noise. The ambient noise factor enhanced by Bose ear phones will be a must (vs a want)! I cant wait to have someone shouting in their cell piece (or video enabled conference call on their Mac Air) when flying over Denver on my next trip to SF.

Good times!

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