Mary Meeker’s “Technology and Internet Trends”

The Morgan Stanley presentation from the Web 2.0 summit is located here.

I also find this to be a bit of “information overload” but also incredibly useful. Her team went to a lot of work to gather this info!

– Govt mandate to increase home ownership (64% to 69% in 10 year period)

– Low interest rates

– Savings rate went negative in 2005

– Foreign ownership of US Treasuries (20% in 80s to 60% now); a lot of money flowing into the US to fund debt.

Trending advertising spend and projecting what might happen in the next 1-3 years is of interest.  Also interesting to see their regression with GDP and advertising contraction as the economy pulls back.

– Tech and ad spend closely tied to GDP growth (uh huh); ad spend 81% correlated to GDP

– Growth in low CPM category which is currently undermonetized (VOIP, payments, social media, video, UGC); arbitrage the display/search/low CPM category

– Mobile innovation (Wii, xbox 360, kindle, iphone, skype phone, GPS devices) – single biggest area of wealth creation (and destruction from carriers); mobile evolving at blistering pace (iPhone is a tectonic shift)

– too many operating systems for smart phones in N.A.; Symbian a leader now

– Internet usage (net new adopters) occuring in emerging markets – China, Brazil, Pakistan, Colombia and India

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