Election 2008

Election day was quite an experience!

I was a little surprised at the few number of people at my polling station? Folks all over the city were suggesting an hour wait. When I arrived…there were at most 10 people in the booth waiting area and no lines outdoors.

I still cant believe that its 2008 and we dont have an electronic system to submit a vote? A downloadable client to deliver a voice from the privacy of one’s home (not sure if that is good or bad come to think of it…something beautiful about the communal effort of getting out and voting with others at a central location).

As for the actual experience, in NYC, pulling a big red lever to clear the voting record, picking a candidate by twisting a knob that is circa 1960 and then its over?   Who upkeeps these relics. These systems from when Robert McNamara was Secretary of Defence? Probably the same folks that repair grandfather clocks (as someone in the office joked yesterday) are the same ones that assemble these monoliths!

As for other election tidbits..

– Viewers: CNN registered 13.2m viewers, w/ 70.6m viewers recorded by Nielsen across 14 networks! CNN.com registering 27m UU on election day!

– When all the votes are counted, am keen to see if this election has had a greater voter turnout than in the past (% basis)?  As of today, Obama registered 64.2m votes (349 electoral) to McCain’s 56.6m votes (163 electoral).

– AP has an article that suggests its higher than in 2004, but not as high as in 1960. “[AP] suggested the turnout could be close to that of 1964, but not higher than 1960 when John F. Kennedy squeaked out a victory over Richard Nixon. The turnout rate then was 63.8 percent, compared with 62.8 percent in 1964.”

– On Dipdive.com, a follow up video from Wil.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas celebrating Obama’s win. Regardless of your political views, his new video “In My Name” uses interesting footage as people spell out their names.

– I too thought the CNN’s hologram was amazing! Now, they are able to create “in person” holograms without it feeling like it was the latest installment of the Star Wars trilogy where all the computer graphics made it feel fake and phony.

– Interesting to think if media companies and news outlets feel less need to be in NYC as news gathering and in person placement becomes virtual? The NYC Economic Development Corporation is undertaking a study to increase media jobs and media presence in NYC in the coming decades. The goal is to produce a “NYC Media Scenario Series,” …a year-long look at the media industry in NYC.  They are tackling how to produce more jobs, especially as media moves digital..which in turn may move those jobs to the west coast? According to the NY Observer article, stakes are high with “the media industry [as] one of the largest in the city, accounting for more than 160,000 jobs and $15 billion in wages, and occupying more than 14 percent of Manhattan’s office space.”

– A few photos when casting my vote.



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