Web traffic hitting all time highs? Maybe in some categories!

Mediabistro mentioned in a recent article that “Washingtonpost.com broke its monthly record of Nielsen unique users, posting nearly 13 million unique users in September. This is a 43% increase from Sept 2007, and 15% over the previous record of 11.2 million unique users in August.”  I think October is going to surpass even those types of numbers for web sites covering the news and finance space.

CNET's graph for the Finance vertical


Yahoo Finance is also experiencing some fantastic leaps, according to Nielsen’s metrics (and a recent CNET article). So whether you agree with Nielsen’s metrics (or methodology for that matter), directionally, its interesting to see large increases in on-line usage during this most volatile of periods. As always, when traffic spikes in the Finance vertical, often its due to economic calamities, which in turn cause advertisers to pull back spending.

According to another CNET article, “…we continue to believe that paid search-ad budgets will remain intact, based on our previously published analysis on the historical experience of direct-mail budgets during recessions. We also believe that display advertising could experience negative growth (we are projecting mid-single-digit growth in 2009), which would weigh heavily on Yahoo,” the analysts said.

October may register one of the biggest month’s ever for traffic in these verticals?!  I would like to see usage of online vs TV over the past 6 months and attempt to determine if users are going online more or less (vs turning on their TV) to follow the banking crisis?

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