iPhones, android, and the new T-Mobile G1

First time in over a year that I am excited again for a new phone / gadget. I will admit, the iPhone has kept me entertained and involved with the continuous stream of apps (currently enjoying the recently downloaded Vicinity), Pandora for music and as always, the photo tool whereby I can show friends snaps from past weekends.

But, I have now had it with that ever frustrating device.  My patience has been expended and my nerves are frayed (not really, but sounded dramatic).  Sometimes my iPhone rings, sometimes calls go straight to voicemail? Hmm, and I rely on my phone for business!  Since this is my third iPhone in under a year, I dont think this specific device is buggy. Its much bigger than that!

NYT Rendering of a Google mobile enthusiast!

NYT Rendering of a Google mobile enthusiast!

Thus, my curiosity for the latest shiny object is (drum roll) the latest android based phone from Google. When does this hit AT&T’s network? Please….soon?! The NYT article suggests it has similar functionality to the iPhone, will enable additional apps that the iPhone (and Apple) prevent (ie free calling via skype type tech) but will not have Flash enabled video?

* Side note: Adobe came out with Flash 10 this week after many months of beta…and yet mobile is so far behind with using Flash? Flash enabled video on the web accounts for 85%+ of all videos viewed according to a recent article….so why isnt the iPhone (or any of these smart-phones) enabling Flash? Obviously to engender the usage of their own core tech…but annoying! Requiring video content publishers to encode in various file formats for the web and then for mobile platforms (expensive and time consuming and limiting adoption)…but that is for another rant!

What are the pitfalls for this new device you ask? As the article suggests, “…where Android really falls down is in the department. There’s no companion program like iTunes to sync your photos, music and videos to the phone; you’re expected to drag these items to the phone manually after connecting via USB cable to your Mac or PC. More time-consuming fussiness.”  Since I sync my life (music, photos, calendar) daily, this could be very problematic?  MocoNews (a PaidContent site) has an interesting review of the feature set.

What I look forward to are the android features: “voice dialing, picture messaging, built-in audio recording and the ability to turn any song into a ring tone are all included — no charge.”

Not earth shattering, but enough fun on long train rides to keep this enthusiast from catching the bored bug. As the Google blog on mobile described in an article titled “The Future of Mobile”, “…. it’s safe to say that the mobile phone may be the most prolific consumer product ever invented.”!

NYT photo of android handset

NYT photo of android handset

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