Radiohead Video – Reckoner

I cant say I love the song Reckoner (frankly, I dont understand the haunting lyrical sounds that pass for words) by the front man Thom Yorke, but do like the violin and background cymbals. Regardless, their video for the song is what captured my attention.

According to Blackbook‘s site, “Radiohead released another video. This wouldn’t be nothin’ to write home about if a) the art of the music video weren’t dead by now, which it almost is; b) they didn’t hold a contest to make the official video for “Reckoner”, which they did; and if c) it wasn’t good, which it isn’t — it’s great. See, Radiohead commissioned their fans to make an animated video; they narrowed it down to ten videos, then four, and each of the four semi-finalists got $10,000 to finish their final product. The winner was French Radiohead fan Clement Picon, and the surrealist growth put on display in Picon’s video is as shockingly bittersweet and subversively brilliant as the song itself; in other words, it fits perfectly in the catalog of the band’s extensive yet solid videography.”

Radiohead's Reckoner video


Link to Radiohead video (since I cant embed the MySpace TV get the link. *Aside: are we days or years away from a universal embed option…but I digress)!

I enjoy Radiohead’s music only once in a great while…but I appreciate their non-traditional and counter-culture efforts towards video creation, song sharing, business models and the like. In a traditional, top-down, centralized command and control industry like music, they are making waves and doing things differently. As Apple once marketed “Think Different”.

May there be more Radioheads amongst us!

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