2008 Elections!

I am watching in awe as this voter season turns from energized to frenetic!  So many different ways to engage in the process….with the web playing the biggest role “ever” (how is that for hyperbole)!

A few things that caught my eye:

(1) Video hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio – Hollywood Declares Themselves with a hilarious, albeit left leaning “register to vote” video.  Some pretty funny quips from Sarah Silverman. Crass as always!

(2) I checked out the Declare Youself site (a competitor to Rock the Vote?) and was amazed at how easy the site made it for unregistered users to sign up in their local towns.

(3) Laughing Squid had interesting coverage on Al Gore and his use of Twitter (or lack thereof). They were all bent out of shape that Al doesnt Twitter? What….the ex VP has no time to navel gaze? Hmm… I would probably be more distraught if he was Twittering vs saving the planet from environmental collapse.

(4) Google’s blog had some interesting helpful hints on voting. Interesting fact” ..roughly 1 in 4 Americans still aren’t registered to vote, according to the most recent Census report.” Is that possible?  Last stat I read suggested only 30% of American’s have a passport. Only 25% vote for the man/woman leading the country for the next 4/8 years? Apathy? Difficulty in registration?  Google’s Voter Info Map currently puts registration, absentee and early voting information in one place.

(5) Twitter Election 2008 is quite interesting. Not the most sophisticated commentary, but interesting process of providing the people a voice (in addition to enabling them to vote – see above)! Amazing at the inputs involved across the web and the aggregation process! Real time commentary that struck a cord with me as we unleash the internet to allow people to share, collaborate, opine, etc. Nothing new…but exciting to watch!

Twitter 2008

Twitter 2008

(6) Twitter part deux: Hacking the Debate is incredible! “Current TV will be broadcasting updates on live television during the debate.” Streaming commentary from the sphere as the candidates discuss and argue real time.

And of course, you can check out CNN and all the other talking heads that have an opinion on this or that as it relates to the election!

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