Wikis, Twitters and my personal Feed

I was updating my Twitter the other day and wondered if there was a benefit to having contextually relevant news or information surface when I posted a thought? Great for news providers to surface their content…but is the marriage of UGC and professionally produced news a fit at this crossroads?

I was also thinking about the concept of the “feed” (again). Whenever I Twitter, my posts get pushed onto my Facebook page. I have yet to link up my blog to update my feed in Facebook…but a matter of time.

The concept of the personal feed is all the more interesting as I think about my other activities on the web. Does it make sense for my posts – for example, updating a posting on Wikinvest (a great site for UGC around stocks – check out their new embedded chart) – having such comments flow into my feed?

Wikinvest Embed Stock Chart

Wikinvest Embed Stock Chart

Or, updating Wikipedia…and such posts flowing into the great wide river of my online activity? Or what about joining a group on LinkedIn, how does the concept of my personal “feed” become the one-stop-shop for capturing my behavior and interactions online. Does anyone care other than moi when “navel gazing” and posting opinions and the like?

How do I then pull in my activity on mobile? Not that I want folks to be able to re-read my personal texts or emails, but what about my GPS long/lat info merging into my feed to provide whereabouts or at least habits (in a real time but not intrusive or exposing way)?

What does this feed become to users, to advertisers, etc.

Who owns the personal feed (Facebook)? Who is going to be able to data mine this for advertising purposes? How does mobile get added to this equation? All questions that have been posted ad naseum online in the past 1-2 years…but becoming more and more interesting as all my interactivity and UGC becomes “surfaceable”. When? How?

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