NBC and TAMI (Total Audience Measurement Index)

As reported today by Cynopsis Digital, from The Cynopsis Foundation, Inc., “NBC figured the gods wouldn’t present a better opportunity to unveil the initial results of its new cross platform TAMi (Total Audience Measurement Index) than the first 5 days of the Summer Olympics.

A total of 113 million people viewed Olympic programming on Sunday on television, online, mobile and VOD. Traffic to NBCOlympics.com reached its highest level by far on Monday at 2 million uniques (a workday, of course); The site has delivered 17.7 million video streams so far. Visits to NBC’s mobile WAP site doubled from Friday (210,000) to Monday (476,000).

Best of all for NBC these eyeballs are additive not cannibalistic – some 40% are returning to digital platforms to view events they already saw on TV. The message (to television advertisers) was clear: increased availability of content is unleashing a tide of interest in which all boat are rising. And multiplatform coverage is actually helping to increase TV viewership.”

Interesting to gauge the measurements across platform and watch how NBC translates this into advertising revenue.

Is the message to advertisers such – that a multi-platform sale is more immersive? Or, that the Olympics is a unique selling proposition (like other major sports franchises) in that consumers want to watch it on TV, read about the players in real time and then check on scores on their WAP enabled devices when they have to run out to get groceries?

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