Playing with wordpress on the iphone

So…I am on the train out east for the weekend and the train breaks down and hour from the destination in East Hampton!  Son of a…..

Brilliant way to spend a Friday afternoon. But lo and behold, it gave me an opportunity to play with the new iphone apps. I downloaded the wordpress app (used herein), the’a iastrology, and a “dark knight” app that allows for silly manipulation of photos with the jokers lipstick or the bat symbol while writing “why so serious”!

I wonder if this type of experience (stuck on a train ie a captive audience) was what these app builders had in mind? With nothing else to do, and tiring of my book….these little trinkets were sticky and amusing!

2 responses to “Playing with wordpress on the iphone

  1. Jason, try the following apps: eBay, Apple’s Remote (for your laptop’s iTunes), and Bank of America’s app – each very useful. I also like the Twitter apps (there are several worth checking out).

  2. I like iphone-sony

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