CNET’s new look for

Check out the “exclusive beta” on CNET’s site. I stumbled onto the site today and had the following opinions on one of my daily reads:

– Interesting use of color (black) which is in stark contract to the “old” CNET yellow and red makeup.

– Interesting in that there is no real ad footprint in the masthead (other than some text link)?

– Surprising in that they are not teasing out other CNET or CBS properties (a la the hat at AOL or DJ Online which helps with SEO and brand promotion).

– Footer is crisp and highly structured with lack of clutter with tight column format.

– Three column approach is easy to read. Two editorial holes with far right ad column seperates and makes the experience navigable.

– Always a fan of the GreenTech and photo gallery offerings.

– Just In module a bit confusing (by time stamp presumably)?

– Seemingly more prominence for their blog efforts.

– A consumer of their Media channel, this has been dropped to the sub-navigation? Wonder if that was usage based, or other rationale (low CPM, etc) pushing it down in lieu of other opportunities?

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