Uncontacted tribe in South America

It always fascinates me when I read about a tribe or group of people who haven’t come into contact with the civilized world. Reuters ran a story this morning on a tribe in South America, located on the border between Brazil and Peru, who were poised to shoot their arrows as the plane flew overhead. The plane snapped a few pictures of their huts. Incredible!

With the demands of logging and the deforestation taking place in this region, one has to guess there will be few of these tribes left in the coming years as the populations and requirements for natural resources carve up what remains of the Amazonian basis and all that inhabit this area.

Survival International suggests there are approximately 100 remaining tribes worldwide that haven’t been contacted by present day society.

2 responses to “Uncontacted tribe in South America

  1. I noticed this post from AP as well, and share in your fascination/ enthusiasm for civilizations that have remained untouched by outside influences. I was an Anthropology major in college and spent several classes discussing the existance of tribes like this one.
    Thanks for this post Jason! Good stuff…

  2. jasonschaeffer

    Thanks for the comment. Wonder what or who else we will “find” with the advent of google earth, improvements in satellite imagery, stories like this encouraging additional exploration, increased logging and mining activity throughout the world, etc?

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