Mobile platform(s) and Android

Just came across this video with Sergey Brin and Steve Horowitz describing the Android mobile platform. I joined the AndroidDevelopers group on Youtube to hear more about what this entails.

From the video, they provided a glimpse of the Android stack, 3G speeds, open GLS API, ability to work with 2D an 3D images, amongst other things. The video also highlights the maps application built into the platform as well as street views for “on the ground” seekers who are curious about an up close and personal review of a place/monument/building, etc.

Sergey finished up with the announcement of a $10m prize for the best app on Android.

Question: does he fear that people will build mostly inane apps such as SkinFlix or Superpoke a la Facebook? Does he care? Or, is he trying to grease the wheels and make this the predominate developers platform and induce innovation before another mobile offering hits and developers need to chose where to spend their time building apps? Follow up question – isnt this all predicated on mobile devices being enabled for app upload?

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