The Thrillist: The Vault

Here is a plug for Thrillist – the men’s version of “The Daily Candy”. I met the founder, David Blend, last eve as we were discussing the internet, online media, etc at a party hosted by the “southern mafia”, a gang of NYC’ers who all hail from south of the Mason-Dixon line. I am from Southern California, so made the cut.

The founder created a newsletter that teases out culture, drinks, gear, gadgets, food, grooming and sports for the Gen X active male, city hipster. The newsletter that is sent to geographic locales, including those residents of NYC, SF, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago and LA.

I perused the site and enjoyed a few articles, including the one on Zicasso – an online travel planner that assists with the local crews and regional specialists. I noticed Cuervo and Dos Equis advertising on the site…so looks like its generating money and providing city dwellers another source of inspiration and knowledge!

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