Morgan Stanley’s Internet report – March 2008

Their annual “internet trends” slide show was released and is available in a slide show format on TechCrunch (amongst other places).

Few interesting take-aways for me:

– Enterprise solutions, 15 years ago, used to be of higher quality than consumer facing ones, due to security needs, scalability requirements, etc. (not necessarily the case these days with consumer apps and adoption/usage)

– Usage from 2005 to 2008 has evolved…less ebay and amazon and more social interaction (facebook and – projecting that forward, what does it mean for penetration and reach?

– Mobile – new computing cycles, consumer focused and application friendly (as the carriers move towards open platforms (he says skeptically) what type of usage patterns and trends begin to evolve?!

Interesting to review the charts and graphs to put into context that we are still at the early stages of a long term growth pattern for our medium, despite the shorter term ebbs and flows of the growth cycle.

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