Interesting book to read – “Rules for Renegades”

I have worked at “big companies” all my life.

First Merrill Lynch & Co, then CBS MarketWatch (while a smallish company, it was still controlled by large media and their vested interests), then Dow Jones and finally now Time Warner.  Despite working at these behemoths, I have always searched for small areas where I could “act like a renegade” at work.

I have always strived to keep a “start up” mentality, challenge the status quo, work to overthrow group think, etc. While its debatable I was ever successful at such folly, it does keep me feeling excited about work in that I can sometimes, in my own small way, make a small difference and infuse my own little cultural syringe into large corporate structures.  Up till now, all the management books I have read on how to not become the establishment, while working for established entities have left me high and dry. Until I came along this little ditty.

“Rules for Renegades” by Christine Comaford-Lynch is one of those little gems that almost convinces you that you can create your own illusion, build power and lead with positive mojo. Alot of little examples from her life that are both inspiring and “self help” in a bullet point format.

Fun, a little quixotic but also an elixir for the those who love working for the big companies but who aspire to move more mountains and get product to market quicker.

3 responses to “Interesting book to read – “Rules for Renegades”

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  2. Well, I don’t know why, but I got a much belated Google Alert on this blog. I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks, Jason, for your great comments on Rules for Renegades. I think the strategies covered in my book are going to be vitally important as we head into 2009 (and the rest of our economy’s downturn). We are ALL going to need all of the entrepreneurialism and needle-moving efforts that we can bring to the table. If you have any questions on the book, or especially business start ups, please send them on over at — I’ll be happy to try and cover them in my next free Q&A session. All the best to you, Christine Comaford

  3. PS — I’m actually GIVING away copies of my book at in hopes of inspiring a few great entrepreneurs to GO FOR IT in 2009. (The reader pays the S&H, the rest is on me.)

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