Thoughts with a View – Cocktail Party at the Hearst Building

I attended the “Thoughts with a View” cocktail party hosted by the New York Times, Automattic, Sphere, Hearst Interactive, GigaOM and True Ventures.

The cocktails were served at the top of Hearst Tower last eve and attended by many a luminary in the space. There were attendess from media, tech, web 2.0 and the internet.

Hearst gave an introduction to the group, providing an overview of the building, which provided for a beautiful view of central park south. The building was constructed in the early part of the century, was retrofitted and is now gold LEED certified (which I think is so admirable and the leadership at Hearst should be commended). Another introduction was provided from the lead partner from True Ventures, thanking Tony Conrad from Sphere and giving a quick snapshot of who was in attendance.

Raanan Bar-Cohen from Automattic was holding court, with attendees from Dow Jones (Kelly Leach, Jaime Thingelstad – CTO of DJO, Christine Mohan – AllthingsD, etc), Jeff Misenti GM of Fox Business, Staci Kramer of PaidContent, Andrew Madden from Google, Lindsay Campbell formerly from WallStrip, and a host of other GMs and leads from NYT, Washington Post, Mahalo, etc.

Good times, tall tumblers and a brilliant view…..

4 responses to “Thoughts with a View – Cocktail Party at the Hearst Building

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  2. Dude! Where are all the linkouts to your peeps? Not feeling the link love. 🙂

    Great to see you, if briefly, the other night.

  3. Let’s talk about using technology to create personalized online news for Time sites.

  4. Spokeo looks interesting. I will check it out and see what it has in store. We are just now launching facebook widgets so a little slow to the game…

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