Interesting book to read – The Road

If you enjoyed the movie “No country for Old Men” and you like the style, pick up the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy. A winner of the Pultizer Prive, its a dark, bleak post apocalyptic future where a man and his boy struggle to stay alive with no food, water or shelter to speak of.

Depressing or uplifting, depends on one’s state of mind.

2 responses to “Interesting book to read – The Road

  1. Thanks Chloega. I am really looking forward to the movie that is coming out with Vigo Mortenson. This book was quite powerful…but interesting enough, when I chat with woman…they universally found it difficult with the stattic diction, lack of warmth, stunted emotional relationships, etc. Curious to hear your thoughts. I thought it represented the hellish life of post nuclear america.

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