Folio Publishing Summit in Miami, Florida

I recently attended the Folio Publishing Summit conference down at the Doral Marriott in Miami, Florida. Chris Peacock, the Editor in Chief for CNNMoney, was also in attendance and representing our efforts down in Floriday. An interesting conference with many a B2B publishers looking to take their wares online. Conversations were geared around major themes: Finance and Operations, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Senior Management and Editorial.

I spoke on two panels, primarily related to Sales Management. The first panel was titled “Sales-management skills for a new media era. ” I was a guest speaker with Eric Shanfelt, EVP of eMedia for Aspire Media. Jack Bamberger, SVP of Corporate Sales for Meredith Corporation was also on the panel. We discussed a variety of topics around building out the sales channel, multi-platform sales, characteristics of online sales professionals, how to train print teams moving to sell online, the role of product development in the sales lifecycle, etc. Eric and Jack were fantastic to have on the panel and added deep insight for the audience’s very specific questions.

The second panel was titled “Follow the Money” which dealt primarily with cash flow, AR, balance sheet issue, a topical discussion of software management for inventory and ad ops. Again, Eric and Jack provided their perspective on how to manage B2B and B2C specific challenges with online sales, impression counts, pricing, inventory projections, etc.

While I was “stuck” in Miami for the weekend due to the inclimate weather on the northeastern seaboard for a friday afternoon return flight, it was a great trip and an exciting panel to partake and share.

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