SIIA Conference at Ciprianis on 42nd Street

Attended the SIIA conference this week in NYC.   Amongst other thought provoking discussions (especially the lead counsel from Google on IP and copyright)..two interesting takeaways:

(a) Tom Glocer, the CEO of Reuters suggested consumer media companies…ie publishing houses …should go private since the need for short term earnings does match the long term investment thesis required, requirement for investment is too high for tech buildout, etc…  Since I work for the largest magazine publisher in the states, it is of great interest both from a personal economic as well as a “what are the alternatives” discussion?

(b) Andrew Keen, the author of “The Cult of the Amateur” gave a 45 minute dissertation on why UGC is killing culture.  He basically suggested its all crap, story commenting deteriorates the underlying offering, etc.   Something to think about…especially since I am (a) a blogger, (b) keen to give the readers a voice, (c) find value from Wikipedia, Wikinvest, etc.  Before I condemn him without a proper mental review, I shall read the book and then pontificate!

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