MyYahoo becomes Microhoo

Fantastic news in the media/internet space with Microsoft taking a run at Yahoo. and AllThingsD doing a nice job following the trajectory and providing a “so what” to the arch.

No surprise to anyone right? How much longer could investors and companies sit around and watch Yahoo wither?  Such a fantastic property.  Not sure about the investment rationale by Microsoft specifically, but kudos or at least the acknowledgement of making a bold step to own more of the display/search/community play by the folks in WA.

On a related not, its fun to think of the upcoming combinations as a result of this catalyst.

Not to state the obvious…but $20 on when (not if) Facebook acquires search technology?  They havent acquired Meebo (as I previously posted)….but this seems to be a requirement as they move to become the starting point for users on the web.

Second bet…how many months (i project 12 months), until Google redesigns their search results and starts to incorporate UGC?  Bucket UGC in some form or fashion, figure out a way to sort and filter and it could be used for interest sentiment indicator or other applications?

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