QDOS beta

Per the Business Week article from January 14, 2008, went to Garlik’s website, which has a nice asthetic, to sign up for an account.  Still in beta unfortunately.

I understand they are going live in Q’1 2008 for the US based consumer app?  Keen to measure my digital footprint?  Would also like to understand better their “next generation” semantic web technology that allows a scoring mechanims to determine how many times information on “jason schaeffer” shows up on the web?

Guess I will have to wait a little longer.   Also curious to sign up with one of the many credit rating agency sites that alert you if there is dubious activity on your card or against your account. Companies such as LifeLock, ClaimID, TrustedID, and Reputation Defender could help monitor my credit and help prevent identity theft.

One response to “QDOS beta

  1. interesting, http://www.lifelock.com/ looks solid, and famously has the CEO showing off his social security #.

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