Two books to read

“A Secular Age” by Charles Taylor. A dissertation on philosophy, life, impact of god and the moral inquiry into secularism. Not sure of the overlap from prior mentions in this blog, including The Selfish Gene by Dawkins and The Moral Animal by Wright…or even the God Delusion? If these books strike your fancy, have a swing at A Secular Age?

Looking into 2008, the primaries and the impact of policy on the middle east (religion, clash of cultures, etc)…our philosophical discussions shall surely laser in on the topic of God. A Time Person of the Year? What would the cover look like to represent the various representations found around the world? A monotheistic representation or one of multiple deities, similar to the statue of Ganesh my roomate in college had sitting on our coffee table?

A second book to review, which will require less thoughtful reading and may be slightly more “entertaining”, is the book “A Bull in China” by Jim Rogers. If anyone read his seminal piece “Investment Biker”…and enjoyed his take on investing in every country with a functioning may like his next installment? Investing in China seems to be the theme. I believe he is picking up his family and moving to Singapore. You go biker guy.

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