Wired’s “geekipedia”

If anyone caught the dictionary of definitions released by Wired magazine in an additional cover titled “Geekipedia”, a few items may have caught your fancy.  Here are mine:

(1) the story about Oscar Pistorius.  Born with calf bones and finally losing his legs to amputation, the profile describes how he is now a world class runner training for the Olympics. While my sentiment and passion goes out to him (as I am fellow runner)….the article poses a very special dilemma (moral or otherwise categorized) in that Pistorius uses artificial legs.  His competition has claimed it gives him an unfair advantage? Is he still disabled if technology has given him a leg up with his elongated artificial legs?

(2) Manga ..a tutorial for those of us who haven’t taken to the literary form? Supposedly, “if you’re a grown man seeking answers to existential questions….”  one should check out the genre called “gekiga”.  I guess I should pick up a copy of “Crying Freeman” or “Phoenix”.


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