Interesting book to read

As I just relocated from SF to NYC, i am fascinated by the alien culture I now inhabit. Prone to waking up early on weekends in California and either running, biking or swimming or all three, such activities are verboten on the east coast (or so it seems)?  Its not that physical exercise is looked down on. The social fabric is constructed in such a way that waking up early to achieve physical greatness is extremely difficult.  Cultural events are in excess.  And they run late at night. Business is conducted after hours over dinner or drinks much more than on the west coast. The culture is different (deep insight here)!
A book by Elizabeth Currid takes a look at the “culture industry”.  She uses “location quotient” economic analysis tools to discern the impact on NYC’s economy.  The New Yorker’s review of this book surfaces the concept of “clustering”. A term often used in my Urban Economics studies from Bucknell, clustering suggests that companies would rather locate themselves next to their competitors in the same locale.  I presume this theme is explored as it relates to fashion, art, etc within the novel.

As the New Yorker opines, “New York has been a cultural mecca in good times and bad, and until we hear otherwise, it seems likely that pilgrims will just keep coming”.  A roundabout way of saying, “do what the romans do”..while in nyc.

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  1. The New Yorker’s review of this book surfaces the concept of “clustering”.

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