“Future of Business Media” conference – Waldorf Astoria – October 30, 2007

Attended the conference yesterday and listened to the “distruptors” and the “thought leaders” in the space chat about everything from video consumption to the impact of the mortgage meltdown and the latent effects on the media industry. 

 Overall, the conference was a bit flat.  The moderation could have used a boost of energy.  Maybe they were out late the night before at the shindig at IAC?  Bring in Batelle to moderate and ask probing questions and flair.  It was a bit austere, a bit of a bore and was reminiscent of a banker’s conference vs a gathering of media professionals hell bent on competition and excited for the future.

 Not sure if this was the fault of the moderators (they are bloggers not performers), the locale (I mean, how energetic can a conference be at the Waldorf) or the attendees (too many suits in a room )?  Is it possible there were TOO many senior people sitting at the tables, sipping their iced water?  Put a few mid-level managers up on the stage and the kimono open up a bit more?  The C-level panels were too practiced and too controlled to leak any tidbit or morsel of info to the starving crowd. 

One response to ““Future of Business Media” conference – Waldorf Astoria – October 30, 2007

  1. Hi, Jason … thanks for attending FOBM. Actually, we were all at the same dinner you wrote about in your previous post — pretty sure we met there — so sad to say, not out partying late. Up working, though.

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