Linden Labs and Facebook

Has Second Life created an app for Facebook yet?

What about merging the two companies and seeing if there is value creation with the combination? Create the ability for Facebook peeps to easily create a presence in Second Life.  Populate Second Life with quite a few new participants.  Users could chose which college or high school they would attend (maybe even create a new type of school…..Harvard meets Avatar U.).  Someone would then figure out how to sell education on Second Life (if they havent already) and take learning online to a whole new level.

One response to “Linden Labs and Facebook

  1. I’d be happy if all the Lab or one of the resident scripters did was figure out how to a) put our Second Life avatar on the Facebook profile with some kind of bookmarking thingie (the avatars can be put as searchable on the SL public web page so I think this should be doable and b) enable us to send screenshouts out of SL to Facebook perhaps using the email function or some other less clunky method than first manually converting to jpeg then uploading.

    I can put my Facebook profile on my Second Life avatar profile in the spot where you can put a URL web page, but it’s laggy and nobody ever looks at those.

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