Another social network to join…

Although you would probably use a local golf club membership with a bit more frequency…here is a club that may be of interest if you have $45k in pocket change and hop around the globe more than the average person.

Quintessentially, as written up in Outside’s Go magazine, offers concierge serice on a world class scale.  Need tickets to La Scala or you lost your keys to the Aston Martin?  This “london based global lifestyle management team located in London, but serving 25 cities around the world” can fulfill nearly any request.

What caught my eye is the online social network called Qube.  With a weekly newsletter of “what’s happening”, a quarterly magazine  covering fashion and travel lifestyle and member’s only events, I would be curious to see if users actually logged on and “socialized” online with other Quintessentially members? 

Another social networking site I joined awhile ago is “A Small World”.  While a bit less exclusive (!), it’s “invite only” and connects people on the go (ie people who travel to different parts of the world).  Seems like American Express should jump into the fray here and create a network for people who use their “black” card.  Are businesses missing out by not creating exclusive environs for their high end customers?

One response to “Another social network to join…

  1. These networks are great for building your business & personal networks! Why the hell not!

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