Dumb Idea of the Day?

..random thoughts on news, open source and gaming.  

Digg and Newsvine sites got me thinking about the power of collaboration and scaleability when the masses contribute.  What if a news site built a wiki and created a state level, a city level, a county, township, etc level all the way down to the lowest common denominator.  Users could upload video, local news events, blog about their local city or town,  etc and create an all encompassing site based on geography (vs topic).  A bit unwieldy but interesting?  It would have the look/feel of USA Today’s state news section in print but have ALOT more detail?  Worthwhile?

Why are there no “really successful” online games built via open source?  Any games that are world class that have flourished as a result of such efforts?  If a Hollywood producer could product a “script” say, and the underlying technology (ie 3-d modelling tools, etc) were provided…could the masses build a game to rival Halo, Doom, or other?

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