Book that may be of interest….

“The Cult of the Amateur” by Andrew Keen was just reviewed by the NYT.  Interesting look at web 2.0, wisdom of the crowds (or lack thereof) and deconstruction of business models (ie media) and the emergence of perspective and opinion without filters or fees as the article states.

As the review suggests…”By stealing away our eyeballs, the blogs and wikis are decimating the publishing, music and news-gathering industries that created the original content those Web sites ‘aggregate.’ Our culture is essentially cannibalizing its young, destroying the very sources of the content they crave.””

Interesting notion….if we remove the incentive (ie profits) for professional edited and created content, do we end up with “amateur garage bands, our movies and television from glorified YouTubes, and our news made up of hyperactive celebrity gossip, served up as mere dressing for advertising.”


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