Semantic Web

…yes, jumping on the bandwagon and writing about the semantic web.  The newest, coolest, most interesting search technology that hasnt hit the market.   Business 2.0’s July 2007 article on Nova Spivack (the grandson of Peter Drucker) and founder of Radar Networks was interesting in that it merged hype and web 3.0 to come up with a story about the next new search app.

A smarter web, a more thorough recommendation engine, heavy usage on tagging and microformats along with artificial intelligence to provide intuition and more nuanced searches are all fantastic ideas and would be a welcome relief to the current search experience that renders (a) way too much info and (b) still requires alot of human effort to locate the signal amongst the noise.    A competitor to Google in the future?

The article mentioned companies such as Garlik, Metaweb, Powerset and ZoomInfo with market estimates for such services growing from $7 billion today to $50 billion by 2010.  That is quite a leap in value for technology that is at its nascent stage of development and has yet to show quantum leaps in terms of user accessibility.

While I havent read the 2001 article by James Hendler, Ora Lassila and Tim Berners-Lee in Scientific American that spawned this fascination with the term “semantic web”, I do find the idea of a search agent retrieving information and pushing it along back to me after simplistic keywords connect the dots interesting.  Think of the time saved with “bots” driving an iterative process, where intent is married with results. 

Keep your eyes and ears open and follow this developing story!

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