Dumb Idea of the Day – uber social networking site

As I continue to explore the social media / social networking phenomena…here are a few silly ideas:

Dumb Idea #1 – Startup idea: create a site where parents of new borns can create an email address for their kids on yahoo/google/hotmail/etc with the click of a button.  Keep it real easy, secure the email addresses for future use, and start that kid off on the right foot in this most digital of ages.    The site could also buy that kid’s URL…ex: www.jasonschaeffer.net (for future use when they hit puberty and wants to start blogging….). The site could also provide a facebook/myspace upload tool (maybe a little akward..i mean, who really wants such exposure for a child?). 

What could be cool is the site would provide a google map, over-lay it with preschools in the neighborhood, local convenience stores for late night nappies, local drug stores and other relevant offerings, and provide guidance on how to apply and get into the local education market (supposedly a big problem for parents living in big cities..i have friends who registered for pre-school literally days after their kid was born).  The waiting lists are that long.  C’mon….provide an automated uploadable .pdf! Done!

Dumb Idea #2 – merge “hot or not” with Facebook. I mean, at its core, the voyueristic tendencies of users of such sites (in addition to communication/connection of course) may require a feedback mechanism. When checking out a friend’s site…why not let them know what you think of their photos!  And if “hot or not” is too overt for our puritanical society, what about some other way to vote on the site/content itself.  Ie you can tell someone’s facebook page that it needs a major overhaul. 

Dumb Idea #3 – Since Classmates.com is still a relatively large site, why not create a tool called “smart or not” and be able to rank a person…at least from what you remember from high school calculus class!  If that is too crude (or mean), what about a tool that would provide an opt in for users to upload their grades and recruiters could visit and basically look if they are “employable or not”.  Great lead-gen program.  Maybe LinkedIn could have some type of feedback mechanism (in addition to that akward “commenting section” where users heap accolades on fellow colleauges)…maybe take the “employable or not” tool to a new level?

What about….if all these networks were to merge via some giant investment banker dream?  Think of the fees.  The uber network would look something like this…..starting with infancy (see above for functionality), migrating the user to Friendster, then to Classmate.com, then to Facebook and finally to LinkedIn.  At some point, Eons will be up and running and a whole new M&A cycle would begin with that stage of life (ie seniorpeoplemeet.com).  

Such combo would be a giant, all encompassing networked world…where we could check out anyone and everyone and transparency would reign supreme! 

Or not!

3 responses to “Dumb Idea of the Day – uber social networking site

  1. Laura Hannigan

    You should check out Savvy Source for Parents. The preschool/map thing in urban areas is exactly what they’ve done. It’s a Zagats-like guide to preschools with downloadable apps. Same with camps, classes, etc.

  2. thanks laura..will check it out.

  3. You can also start with a wordpress plugin like hot or not plugin
    to make your readers vote for articles/pictures(hot or not).

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