“Unstoppable” by Chris Zook

If you read Chris Zook’s book “Profit from the Core“…then you may also be interested in his latest “Unstoppable”. 

Focused on “finding hidden assets to renew the core and fuel profitable growth”..the book will seemingly be a hit to add to his two other best sellers.   With the book relying on work from Bain & Co, it postulates that 2/3 of companies will have to redefine their core business over the next decade.

While I am not sure the coming decade will wipe clean 66% of companies business plans, I think globalization and other factors (emergence of China as a competitive force, rising cost of oil, climate change and the costs associated with doing business in a new environment..as well as the impact of a 24/7 trading day with the exchanges merging) will certainly require new strategies and new ways to think about an “always on” 24 hour day of reaching customers across many time zones and who speak a variety of languages and have a multitude of needs/wants. 

I just read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Kim Mauborgne.  While that book keyed in on topics like “overcoming key organizational hurdles” and using “strategy canvas” to map out core customers, the principled approach to defining strategy was useful, if a bit academic.

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