Global Gas Prices

A recent article in Wired (June 2007) outlined what world citizens are paying for gas.  Oil producing nations (ie Venezuela at $0.17 and Iran at $0.33) have it much cheaper than places like Hong Kong at $6.30 or Seoul at $6.06 a gallon. 

Oslo, Norway at $6.48 was the outlier in terms of countries with production capacity and high level’s of gas prices.  Despite having the third largest export production quotas, enviro taxes aimed at reducing CO2 keep this country’s cost per gallon in the stratosphere vis a vis other countries.


Will China’s continued economic boom drive prices higher as their demand swelters?  Will the US implement tax havens for citizen’s purchasing hybrids?  Will companies that reduce CO2 emissions and/or rely on gas for production of product receive incentives to reduce their consumption?  Are the economic interests aligned to incentivize users to reduce consumption? I think the answer is probably no. 

 Cities and their gas / gallon prices

London – $6.65

Berlin – $6.42

Rome – $5.62

Nairobi – $4.20

SF – $3.32

Bangkok – $3.04

Havana – $3.03

Moscow – $2.89

NYC – $2.76

Chicago – $2.69

Buenos Aires – $2.32

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