LinkedIn vs Facebook

“In the future, everyone will likely maintain two online profiles. So said LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye” in a recent Fortune article.  If history proves itself to repeat, this is not surprising.   How many IM clients do you use?  I use one…sometimes two?  How many email addresses do you check daily?  I have about 5-6 (hotmail, work, yahoo, google, berkeley and one I created througha  hosting service).  How many do I check daily..heck weekly….two (hotmail and work)! 

Currently, social savvy online users are barraged with invitations to LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook….or any of the other multitude of community sites with activism.   Today alone, I had 4 people send me facebook invites.  I had one person from MySpace ask for a connection. I sent a LinkedIn invite to 5 people I met at the Digital Hollywood conference.  Are we spending our life inviting people to our “inner circle”….and then wondering why?  I now have over 300+ in my LinkedIn directory.  Other than an occasional ping from a recruiter who sorted by Berkeley/Business Development/SF…not sure what the value proposition is?   I admit that I am a medium to heavy users (relative to friends/colleagues I have asked regarding consumption)….but for what?  Unless I start receiving advice or answers to my daily business dilemmas….will I keep coming back? 

On Facebook, I have written on people’s “walls”, have been a voyeur when looking at other’s education or employment status…but frankly have limited value from such interaction?  Other than the novelty of communicating through another format….i still prefer IM and email?  Am I old fashion?  Do I just not “get it”?  Maybe.    Or, maybe they are just another form of entertainment, allowing me to search, find random, non related tidbits of info on people…satisfying my curiosity of others? 

What is my tribe up to?

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