IP and copyright infringement

Techcrunch had an interesting tidbit the other day on YouTube’s efforts in ” preparing to test new video identification technology that will identify copyrighted material as it is uploaded. The test will be held in conjunction with Time Warner and the Walt Disney Company in about one months time. ”

I presume Google is going to get very aggresssive in developing “watermark” or other finger print type apps to manage the content that is on their site(s) as well as keep the original content manufacturers (OCMs) happy using  such an untethered eco-system.  With limited ability to monitor and even less control on pulling down content or notifying infringers…these systems will be a welcome addition to the mix.

This is right on the heels of AP’s announcement of their “radar” system with Attributor.  Attributor will assist AP in tracking web usage of AP’s text story content and telling the service who is using it and where.  I guess with news produced in five languages out of 243 bureaus in 97 countries…..understanding licensing and end user application is of interest!  Interesting developments…..

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