Digital Hollywood

I presented yesterday as part of the Digital Hollywood conference.  As part of a panel discussing publishing 2.0 and how newspapers and magazines are moving to a digital platform, I presented along with the following: 

Jim Brady, Executive Editor,
Robertson Barrett, Vice President, Interactive and General Manager,
Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Executive Editor, Business 2.0
Joel Sucherman, Executive Producer, USAToday
John Loughlin, EVP/GM, Hearst Magazines
Sue Cross, Vice President / Online, U.S. Newspaper and Magazine Markets, Associated Press, Moderator

I focused my content on (1) how is Dow Jones Online evolving with their online publications and (2) what are the challenges we face as an organization as it pertains to our content and usage.  I used and MarketWatch as two case studies to flush out the challenges (brand affinity, accessibility, distribution and commoditization) and used Sync (the new MKTW based community platform) to key in on the evolution of the sites via new product offerings (tagging, rating, stock predicting) and content distribution (via blogs, google and UGC).

Washington Post surprised me as Jim mentioned his site hosts over 80 hours a week of forums.    Phil De-Witt of Business 2.0 was quite amusing with his slides and imagery and elicited a laugh or two from the otherwise sedate crowd (maybe it was the topic matter…..or the panelists….no, that cant be..i am wildly entertaining).  


USA Today’s Joel Sucherman re-inforced why that publication keeps getting kudos for their community efforts.  They have great apps, fantastic integration and tightly woven placement (eg the “top 5 most interesting comments” on the masthead). USAToday isnt just making noise about UGC and the feedback loop…..the are not only giving the microphone to the users but then actually listening to what they say and publishing it in a meaningful place on their site.

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