ClickZ Interview on brand and impact of distribution deals

This is a little self I apologize to my sponsors about the unsolicited and unwarranted delusional self indulgence.  I was interviewed by ClickZ the other day and the article was published today. 

I was liberally quoted on the topic “distribution deals….necessary evil for media brands?”.  This is an area that I have spent many months practicing the art of business development when negotiating with the likes of AOL, MSN, Reuters, CNNMoney, YF, etc etc.  The article also grabbed thoughts from Randy Kilgore (formerly of WSJ ad sales) and Shawn Riegsecker (formerly of CBS MarketWatch).  Distribution is obviously the name of the game for sites like and MarketWatch.  We would like for users to come directly to our sites or use our sites as their home pages…but we live in a Google/RSS/YahooFinance world…we should be worrying about the quality of our content and to a lesser degree how people access it. 

I am not too concerned at this stage with brand and the impact of these distribution deals.  The consumer of financial news still appreciates trusted sources of financial content.  Whether the headlines appears in MyYahoo or as a search result in Google…my assumption is they will still chose to click on a headline vs other content providers…in most instances?

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