The Next Google

I enjoyed Search Engine Journal’s “Who Will take on Google” article.  The last paragraph is futuristic and crystal ballish.  Since this inevitably will be wrong…is fun to take a few of these ideas and build tangents to guess who the next comp is?

I personally dont think it will be mobile based per se. I think voice activation (vs device specific)…whether mobile, or shouting at your TV or whispering sweet nothings to your computer screen.. will be involved in the next iteration of search.  If the average american spends 4-6 hours of TV a day….lets just assume that the next killer search app is going to involve the TV/monitor medium…regardless of PC/phone/etc penetration and decreasing TV consumption.   We shouldnt focus on the technology…ie what ask is trying to brand (aka the algorithm)….but instead on how the tech is used in search.  Voice activation or even more far out….visual cues (ie heat maps that pick up where the eye / retina lingers and clicks away with out moving a mouse or finger). 

“Due to the expected surge in the mobile space, I strongly believe that the next contender for world tech domination will come from that [mobile] domain. 

If you force me to be specific, I’ll say VoIP/ WiFi/ cellular convergence combined with presence/ following, RFID/ NFC-enabled payments, mobile video, environmental sensors for crowdsensing applications. Or, at least, those are the peripheral aspects. In this case, I think “the company” will come up with the “ideal” mobile communications platform. They might start with mobile local search, make it a hit, then start buying up the other technologies, as necessary. For this reason, the usurper might even be a mobile phone manufacturer with a scalable applications platform. What do you think?”

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