Interesting site that “protects with confidence”

This is from an article on CNET.

 Jim Brock who used to be an SVP at Yahoo co founded a company called Attributor. With the advent of blogs, copyright infringement, liberal use of borrowed material, etc etc….this could be an interesting play?  

What if Google or other search engines start getting flak that they are driving searches to blogs who rip off content from major publishers.  Or applying this to music, video, youtube, etc….what if the facilitators of finding that content could layer in a filtering system and supress sites that are using third party content and breaking copyright laws?  Thus, removing them from the legal ramifications of illegal usage, downloading, etc.

What happens to this “publishers vs end users” tension with search and discovery, much less usage, of third party content? Either publishers will relax and not be as anxious that they are not receiving the direct “benefit” to their “content” or end users will be on the hook (potentially in a legal way….ie getting sued for borrowing/stealing).  There seems to be a role for a middle man / traffic cop to limit or at least help shape usage patterns.


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