CBS PR around web 2.0 BD

I appreciate that PR is a very useful tool to announce to the world what a big media company is up to and working towards …but does this recent announcement by CBS really require a shout from the mountain top?  Isnt it assumed that CBS, with their amazing digital assets, would be partnering and testing various distribution channels as mentioned? 

I believe CBS and their video content alone should redefine and “own” the space in terms of user engagement online.  Figuring out an easy way to watch TV, on demand via the PC, control the experience, wrap a chat (a la meebo into the mix), create a wrapper around the video frame where users can interact with a like minded community and then layer in a mobile piece so a viewer can “take it with them” and or chat/text (about the show after they watched it)… now that is worthy of PR.  CBS is taking steps with towards this “total immersion” experience….lets see how they fare? 

Alot of the companies mentioned have small user bases, but very exciting technology and crazy adoption curves right now.

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