Speaking Engagement at Digital Hollywood

If you are in the neighborhood and can swing by …let me know. 

Digital Hollywood, Santa Monica
Tuesday, June 12th
2:15 PM – 3:30 PM
Track IV:
Publishing 2.0: How Multi-Platform Newspaper and Magazine Strategies Are Transforming the Publishing Landscape
The newspaper industry is quickly moving into the forefront of the digital publishing transformation and although most magazines have had an online presence for years, few have truly embraced digital media as a core component of their business strategy. But the roadmap for the future is now quite clear. With the emergence of the online ad market – and continued decline of print dollars – the multi-platform publishing strategy is critical to the survival and success of hundreds of publishing brands. In this session we will hear first-hand from the leaders in the Publishing 2.0 transformation and learn how these publishing brands have become media brands, how their content and business models have changed, and how they’ve capitalized on their recognition of the tremendous upside for revenue and multi-platform efficiencies
Mark Golin, Editor, People.com
Jim Brady, Executive Editor, WashingtonPost.com
Robertson Barrett, Vice President, Interactive and General Manager, latimes.com
Jason Schaeffer, Director of Business and Audience Development, Dow Jones Online
Josh Quittner, Editor, Business 2.0
Sue Cross, VP Online Newspaper, AP Online, Moderator

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